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Home and Market Home

Tendril Home and Market Consumption Tool

Tendril Networks provides a cloud platform for energy service providers. Tendril approached us to build an interface on one of their existing APIs.

In just over two weeks we designed and built an engaging site with two main benefits. The first, aimed at the consumer, allows you to enter an address and get usage data for a home. This helps demonstrate the accuracy of Tendril’s data and modeling. The second benefit, aimed more at energy companies, shows how using Tendril’s APIs can increase marketing conversion rates.

Home and Market Detail
Revel Talent Detail Page

Revel Talent Top Companies

Revel Talent is changing the way marketers manage their careers and how great companies find them. They help marketing professionals decide when to change jobs and help evaluate which companies are a good fit. Revel came to us with the idea to build a curated list of top companies, combining available information with research and analysis they perform.

We created a responsive application that helps marketing professionals research companies and plan their careers. The app pulls data from four sources and incorporates research done by Revel Talent staff to build a comprehensive company profile. We were involved in all phases of the project from UX Design through planning, picking technologies and building the application. Using a search based datastore, two microservices and a node.js based architecture we were able to deliver in less than a month.


Revel Talent Mobile Results Page
Revel Talent Desktop Results page

Placeable Workbench

Workbench is a SaaS Location Data Warehouse product. John was the Lead UX Designer and Chad was the Lead Developer. It allows large brands to get the most out of their location data. It helps them find and fix problems in their data. Usability of the app consistently rated highly by users.

The app requires a login, but you can see some additional screenshots on John’s personal site infomongo.com.

Placeable Workbench Overview
Placeable Workbench Details Page

LocationInsight Dashboard

This was an internal tool developed to show how an individual site was performing. It was designed to display on a large flatscreen TV in the common area.

The app requires a login, but you can see some additional screenshots on John’s personal site infomongo.com.

LocationInsight Dashboard

About Us

Moonsault is a partnership between Chad Baudoin, John Phillips and Travis Nelson.

Chad is a full stack web developer who is great with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Node.js. He has also worked with backend technologies and databases, but his passion is making interfaces that are usable and fast.

John is a user experience designer. He has designed web and mobile applications. John got his start designing Mac and Windows programs. He designed Six Degrees, an automatic email & document tracking application that won best Best of Show at MacWorld in 2002.

Travis is a full stack web developer with over 15 years of experience ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Travis is also very active in the Denver technology community, where he serves on the board of the Denver Java Users Group and is the founder of the Denver Microservices Meetup. Travis earned an MBA from Colorado Technical University and a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science from Colorado State University.

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