If you have an idea for a web or mobile app, we can help bring it to market quickly.

We’re a small team of pragmatic developers with decades of experience. We’ll help you make smart technology decisions, produce high quality results and deliver on time.

Whether it’s building a web app from scratch, extending an API, or helping your team move faster, we look forward to working with you.

Moonsault are easy to work with. They helped us make good technology decisions and get things done quickly.
Lynda Calhoun, Digital Spark
Moonsault was able to take our project and complete it with minimal oversight. Great to be able to just hand them stuff and know they'd get it done right and on time.
— Aaron Rich, Engineering Manager at Tendril

Our Work

Some recent projects


Working with Tendril, we built solarpulse.com, a website that educates people about rooftop solar and connects them with the right installer for their needs.

The site is essentially equal parts educational content and lead generation. We built many different form variations, did AB tests, and gradually improved the conversion rate of the forms.

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Community Solar

Another project for Tendril. We built this site aimed at customers of the Oklahoma Utility company OG&E. It helps people interested in community solar power evaluate their savings potential.

We built the site using designs developed by Tendril and OG&E. (We only worked on the pages that are reachable without a log in.) This was a pretty quick build, about two weeks for the first version, and maybe another week for changes and polish.

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Revel Talent Top Companies

Revel Talent is changing the way marketers manage their careers and how great companies find them. They help marketing professionals decide when to change jobs and help evaluate which companies are a good fit. Revel came to us with the idea to build a curated list of top companies, combining available information with research and analysis they perform.

We created this responsive application that helps marketing professionals research companies and plan their careers. The app pulls data from four sources and incorporates research done by Revel Talent staff to build a comprehensive company profile. We were involved in all phases of the project from UX Design through planning, picking technologies and building the application. Using a search based datastore, two micro-services and a node.js based architecture we were able to deliver in less than a month.

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