I have a 3 year old son and we play blocks together. We build firehouses that dinosaurs live in. We build the tallest towers we can, just so a flying truck can knock it over. He likes spending time building and seeing his ideas come to life. I know something he wouldn’t like doing. If every time he wanted to play blocks he had to go and cut down a tree, mill lumber, cut it up into odd shaped block, sand those blocks down and paint them, he would be less apt to go play blocks. Yet, a lot of developers and companies do just that.

In 2015 (and for the last few years) we have some amazing technology blocks we can play with. S3, Amazon Lambda, Heroku, Parse, Firebase, Orchestrate.io, Stormpath are on the short list of services that allow developers today to add big, seemingly complex functionality and sound deployment strategies, by only adding some straight forward integrations. These services allow us to use them as we like to build new ideas in the form of websites and apps.

The approach a lot of companies take is to build the commoditized parts of your application (database clusters, web servers, user management, etc.) from scratch. Doing that takes time away from focusing on the business problem and user experience, which is what will make your idea succeed or fail.

My son accepts that there are only certain types of blocks (red triangles and blue cubes). If he ever plays with an idea so long he want to have it permanently, we’ll go to Home Depot, buy some lumber and built it together. By that time he will have played around with so many ideas that he will know exactly what he want to build and we’ll make it big and sturdy. Your idea should do the same.

You should be able to play around with an idea for a while with technology blocks, focusing on the idea and not the mundaneness user management and database clusters. If your idea starts to grow or you like the idea and think it has legs. You can go get funded, build a team that will build your idea from scratch that can make it big and scaleable to the nth degree. By that time you will have learned so much that you will know exactly what you want and what you don’t.

What makes good websites or apps great is focus on user experience and that the app feels responsive to your interactions. With all of these mundane tasks out of the way (setting up servers, clustering databases, building out a file server) it allows your developers to laser focus on solving core business problems and creating an amazing experience for your users.

That’s how we like to build at Moonsault software. Focused on the user experience and making apps that people like to use. We use a lot of hosted solutions to do that so we can save time and our customers can save money.